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The Process of Making an Animated Explainer Video

With digital marketing taking over the direct marketing campaigns, the needs for the co-laterals have changed quite drastically. At the beginning, digital marketing requirements were just simple website based strategies. But soon it gave way to things like social media and then more interesting stuffs, like videos, came into the picture.

Love it or hate it: Animated Explainer Videos are an ‘unavoidable’ feature of your webpage. Like once upon a time was the story of Website. People tried to avoid it, hate it or just did it somehow and sooner or later did they realize the worth of having one….errr….sorry… a ‘good’ one to make the show run! Same is the story of explainer videos on your home page!! The truth is, you have to have one. But if you are going to make it ‘somehow’ then you’re going to screw up the whole thing. Consequences: you can forget about getting leads for sure.

Sample Scipt

So, if you are planning to make an explainer video, the first question that’s going to arise in your mind is: What is the process of making an Animated Explainer Video?

Well, it all starts with some rounds of coffee, you know, the typical discussion sessions on the board room. Yes, we call it ‘the product/service discussion session’. This is one major step, because from these discussions we come to know and try and get absorbed in your product and services. So, you have to open yourself up as much as you can to make the video work in your favour.  At this stage we will be interacting the most with you. A successful session gives way to creation of a beautiful ‘SCRIPT’.

Explainer Video Creation- Stage-II-Storyboard

In simple terms, script is the story of your video with a voiceover narration. Remember, the script is the backbone of your video.

Once the script is approved, we adopt an illustration style (look and feel) of the video and we move onto the next round ‘STORYBOARD’. Storyboard is the scene by scene illustration of your story. It’s more like a comic book or comic strip.


Then we hire a voiceover artist and we hire a recording studio with sound engineers for cleanups and editing. Once the recording is done, we move onto the final round- the ‘ANIMATION’ where movements are given to the static illustrations.

Animation is followed by post production session like synching music, voice, sound effects and rendering the final HD quality video output.

By: Team an-e-motion