Need of an Explainer Video for Your Product

Do you really need an explainer video for your product at the home page? The answer is Yes! A short explainer video for your product act as a great marketing shot at the initial entry of a first time visitor to your site. But then, you might argue that you have all the necessary information being stacked at your home page already! Then what is the need for a video content?

Here is a little psychological take: Do you know when did video content take over text content? When 2-3 pages of write up almost made no sense and made all yawn several times, a video content of 2-3 minute engages, explains and excites your visitors about the same product.

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Here is a small example: Explanation, if it’s static, it’s boring like the teacher who sits and only lectures. But what if, the same teacher brings in some movement and story into his lesson?  Will it not be more successful in keeping the attention of the class? Movement can be anything: walking around, raising a hand, showing something, writing something on the board. Students react to visual motion.

Now take your site that gets a visitor: You greet him or her with your enriched textual content. Hopefully he should stay for some time and go through the necessities. But it does not guarantee that your message gets across. But if you have an animation that explains your product in a couple of minutes, then, he does not only understand your services but almost remembers it by heart without much stress!

Video watching is fun! And video that is visually enriching has all the capabilities of taking your product to the brain. Now keep this little secret in mind: Do not make it boring with some heavy words and explanations. Keep it simple, keep it short and keep the fun. Then see the difference. See how the world loves your product the way you adore it.

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Animated explanations or explainer videos have an average attention span of over 90% with no stressful tries. If kept simple and fun, your message simply gets across! So, yes, you can go ahead and create a cool animation that will explain your product with a light heart.

By: Team an-e-motion

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