What is an Animated Explainer Video?

We live in a high profile digitally intelligent world where everyday new products are getting developed. Many of you create sophisticated yet simple technology in the IT space. But all of you at some point of time had issues in communicating to your audience what the product does in a couple of minutes.

In the age of digitization, texts and PPTs have fallen apart. Long lingering explanations have given way to short and smart contents. Did you ever stumble upon a website that is playing a short video on their home page?  A video, which has some basic caricatures of human figures and gadgets, a simple story telling  and their product or services getting explained in a couple of minutes?  Exactly, that is called Animated Explainer Video!

animated explainer for financial sector

Say you have a business and you are trying to explain your services to your visitor.  You take help of text contents or even images sometimes to explain your services.  But most of the time your audience has time constraint. They tend to drop out, they feel bored to read or get explained textually or they simply can’t understand just by reading. So your content misses out on a prospective customer. Because text often misses out on the visual quality or motion graphics, your visiting customers do not get a visual picture clear in their minds and your service often gets untold.

So, that is the challenge and here is the solution called Animated Explainers!

product video on software-HR

An Animated Explanatory Video of about 1-3 minutes often handles this challenge quite effectively. Tell your services or explain your product in a story telling manner. Keep the story simple, as if your child is sitting in front of you and you have to explain him. And the caricatures and gadgets are simpler still, no big time artwork needed! Add an expressive narration and that’s all an Animated Explanation is all about.

So, in a matter of 1-3 minutes you can engage your visitors and explain your product successfully. Showcase it in your homepage, play it in your social media pages, ask your marketers to use it for presentations, tell you digital marketers to make it go viral on the internet, run it on the local TV or internet TV and of course win over every visiting customer to your site.

By: Team an-e-motion

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