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How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost

Video has become a mandatory need for any company who is launching their product or services. We generally call these videos ‘explainer videos’. Explainer videos play on home pages or landing pages where the product or service gets explained within a few seconds timeline.


Explainer videos are a very refreshing addition to a simple landing page. It is short, crisp, smart and cool. It is a great marketing tool. It takes way less time to explain your product. It explains your product interestingly, engages your customer, so on and so forth. The good points are endless! But the not-so-good point, is its pricing part!


Explainer videos were rather costly at one point of time. In fact, the good ones are still a real pricey affair. But with upward trend for the need of an explainer video, especially from varied budgeted companies, the pricing system changed drastically over the years. Now you can get an explainer video below $ 300 or below Rs. 18,000.


Explainer video cost depends on certain factors. The look and feel plays the most important part. If you choose a simplistic style with basic human icons and text and keep the animations to minimalistic and set the lowest time to 30 seconds, then you can have an animated explainer video priced at $300 or INR 18,000.


Getting an explainer video is not that costly now. But remember, explainer video is a creative film for your product. It is the first impression that one is going to get through it. So, make a mark. Avoid getting it done through free software tools, it screws up your product’s presentation. Tell a proper story. Make it look neat and creative at the same time and yes you are ready to go within your budget!

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Explainer Videos Within Your Budget

We all are aware by now that new marketing strategies are on the rise. The rise and the rule of social media have changed the way we look at things. A website alone is not enough! Your website should have contents that are quicker, peppier and smarter. An explainer video is the way to go!

The Script Writing Session

The Script Writing Session

A website homepage should and must feature an explainer video now. We all understand the importance of an explainer video. But how many of you can afford one?

The Storyboarding Round

The Storyboarding Round

Of course it does cost to make an explainer video. But how much? On one hand, there are many studios out there who often ask for chunky prices like $10K. Result is often a great video, so it proves to be a great marketing tool. But at the end of it – the pinch can be a little hard and that price can leave a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, there are individuals out there who would charge you peanuts for doing Nothing! (like $500) Result: Your video is worth going to the trash.

The Animation Round

The Animation Round

So you should actually know for what all you are paying the prices. The production of explainer videos does not require a huge studio with huge manpower, and at the same time an individual is often not multi-talented in 5 or 6 different ways. A good video asks for a few experts and talents working together. Here is quick look at it: You need people who understands your product and the motto of making the video and then come up with a script. They are typically Script writers or Copywriters. You need a Visualizer who develops the look and feel of the video and an Illustrator to do the Storyboarding- a typical role for the Art Director. There should be an Animator who will do the animation and motion graphics, a voiceover artist to do the narration with a sound editing and synching expert. And finally, a music and sound mixer.

Make Affordable Explainer Videos

Make Affordable Explainer Videos

Seek for one stop studio where all these 5 things are dealt in-house, so that you do not have to run around in 5 different places with 5 individuals. This will ultimately save you money, time and headache.

A neat, smart, meaningful and effective video can be made within a very affordable budget. Do your research well. If the price fits your pocket, first and foremost: go through the artist’s or studio’s portfolio. Take review from their past clients. A confident one should be ready to share that too!

Make sure your video works and doesn’t go to trash. Love your product and at the same time, respect your money.

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The Process of Making an Animated Explainer Video

With digital marketing taking over the direct marketing campaigns, the needs for the co-laterals have changed quite drastically. At the beginning, digital marketing requirements were just simple website based strategies. But soon it gave way to things like social media and then more interesting stuffs, like videos, came into the picture.

Love it or hate it: Animated Explainer Videos are an ‘unavoidable’ feature of your webpage. Like once upon a time was the story of Website. People tried to avoid it, hate it or just did it somehow and sooner or later did they realize the worth of having one….errr….sorry… a ‘good’ one to make the show run! Same is the story of explainer videos on your home page!! The truth is, you have to have one. But if you are going to make it ‘somehow’ then you’re going to screw up the whole thing. Consequences: you can forget about getting leads for sure.

Sample Scipt

So, if you are planning to make an explainer video, the first question that’s going to arise in your mind is: What is the process of making an Animated Explainer Video?

Well, it all starts with some rounds of coffee, you know, the typical discussion sessions on the board room. Yes, we call it ‘the product/service discussion session’. This is one major step, because from these discussions we come to know and try and get absorbed in your product and services. So, you have to open yourself up as much as you can to make the video work in your favour.  At this stage we will be interacting the most with you. A successful session gives way to creation of a beautiful ‘SCRIPT’.

Explainer Video Creation- Stage-II-Storyboard

In simple terms, script is the story of your video with a voiceover narration. Remember, the script is the backbone of your video.

Once the script is approved, we adopt an illustration style (look and feel) of the video and we move onto the next round ‘STORYBOARD’. Storyboard is the scene by scene illustration of your story. It’s more like a comic book or comic strip.


Then we hire a voiceover artist and we hire a recording studio with sound engineers for cleanups and editing. Once the recording is done, we move onto the final round- the ‘ANIMATION’ where movements are given to the static illustrations.

Animation is followed by post production session like synching music, voice, sound effects and rendering the final HD quality video output.

By: Team an-e-motion