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Video – The Best Sharing Tool for Marketing

Are you creating or working with an exceptional idea oflate? If yes, then you must be so eager to know how your creation is! Pretty much everybody on earth, whoever is creating something, producing something or making something is eager to know how their product is.

So, how are you going to share this exceptionally cool product with the globe?  For appreciation or for the sense of accomplishments or just for critical comments or sheer marketing, but it is necessary to get across the pool of people out there.

animated marketing video

There was a time when the world dragged itself somehow without the trend of every individual feeling special or every product getting known. Only a handful raised the toast and fewer stars shined. Thanks to our stars! Gone are those days. Came Facebook and we are saved. Sharing!!! Is the way for it. Sharing is so important for any talented individual, brands and businesses.

And now posed the biggest question: Does sharing any stuff helps? What are you going to share???  Just by posting a simple content, are you going to win over the mass? The fact is: How much ever great your idea is, until and unless it is presented well, public appreciation boils down.

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See, many things get shared across the social media. Namely: Art and Entertainment, Music, Games, Investment and Finance, Health and Science. The order at which it is written is also ranked according to that. It is a fact that Art and Entertainment gets mostly shared. Ever questioned yourself why does Videos get mostly shared? It is for this simple fact that Videos has got the entertainment factor or fun elements in them.

But what if your Product, Brand or Business is not into Art and Entertainment?????? What will you do?????  Simple. Explain your Idea, Product or Service through Art and Entertainment. It will get told. It will get SHARED!!  Viral Videos simply does not happen. Put a bit of Art, Caricature and Entertainment into it to make it happen. Round it up all and you will get something called Animation. Animation videos simply have the capability to do this.

So the trick is: Whether you have a software product, an e-commerce service, finance package or a health care device—–take the route of explaining through entertaining animation video and see how many shares and likes and comments and appreciation and blah blah blah comes your way. Feel happy to see your video getting SHARED and you know the rest are going to follow!!!

By: Team an-e-motion

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

We live in a high profile digitally intelligent world where everyday new products are getting developed. Many of you create sophisticated yet simple technology in the IT space. But all of you at some point of time had issues in communicating to your audience what the product does in a couple of minutes.

In the age of digitization, texts and PPTs have fallen apart. Long lingering explanations have given way to short and smart contents. Did you ever stumble upon a website that is playing a short video on their home page?  A video, which has some basic caricatures of human figures and gadgets, a simple story telling  and their product or services getting explained in a couple of minutes?  Exactly, that is called Animated Explainer Video!

animated explainer for financial sector

Say you have a business and you are trying to explain your services to your visitor.  You take help of text contents or even images sometimes to explain your services.  But most of the time your audience has time constraint. They tend to drop out, they feel bored to read or get explained textually or they simply can’t understand just by reading. So your content misses out on a prospective customer. Because text often misses out on the visual quality or motion graphics, your visiting customers do not get a visual picture clear in their minds and your service often gets untold.

So, that is the challenge and here is the solution called Animated Explainers!

product video on software-HR

An Animated Explanatory Video of about 1-3 minutes often handles this challenge quite effectively. Tell your services or explain your product in a story telling manner. Keep the story simple, as if your child is sitting in front of you and you have to explain him. And the caricatures and gadgets are simpler still, no big time artwork needed! Add an expressive narration and that’s all an Animated Explanation is all about.

So, in a matter of 1-3 minutes you can engage your visitors and explain your product successfully. Showcase it in your homepage, play it in your social media pages, ask your marketers to use it for presentations, tell you digital marketers to make it go viral on the internet, run it on the local TV or internet TV and of course win over every visiting customer to your site.

By: Team an-e-motion

Need of an Explainer Video for Your Product

Do you really need an explainer video for your product at the home page? The answer is Yes! A short explainer video for your product act as a great marketing shot at the initial entry of a first time visitor to your site. But then, you might argue that you have all the necessary information being stacked at your home page already! Then what is the need for a video content?

Here is a little psychological take: Do you know when did video content take over text content? When 2-3 pages of write up almost made no sense and made all yawn several times, a video content of 2-3 minute engages, explains and excites your visitors about the same product.

animated explainer video making company

Here is a small example: Explanation, if it’s static, it’s boring like the teacher who sits and only lectures. But what if, the same teacher brings in some movement and story into his lesson?  Will it not be more successful in keeping the attention of the class? Movement can be anything: walking around, raising a hand, showing something, writing something on the board. Students react to visual motion.

Now take your site that gets a visitor: You greet him or her with your enriched textual content. Hopefully he should stay for some time and go through the necessities. But it does not guarantee that your message gets across. But if you have an animation that explains your product in a couple of minutes, then, he does not only understand your services but almost remembers it by heart without much stress!

Video watching is fun! And video that is visually enriching has all the capabilities of taking your product to the brain. Now keep this little secret in mind: Do not make it boring with some heavy words and explanations. Keep it simple, keep it short and keep the fun. Then see the difference. See how the world loves your product the way you adore it.

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Animated explanations or explainer videos have an average attention span of over 90% with no stressful tries. If kept simple and fun, your message simply gets across! So, yes, you can go ahead and create a cool animation that will explain your product with a light heart.

By: Team an-e-motion

How to Make Your Product Marketing Go Viral?

The world has not changed at all! And the world has changed a lot! These words hold true for marketers of our times. Marketing strategies have undergone random changes over the years. The audiences have changed. The communication mediums have changed and most importantly, the products have changed.

And what has not changed? The fact called ‘word of mouth’-the single largest boosting factor and the most successful marketing strategies of all times. And, do you know what is the modern term we use for ‘word of mouth’? It is called VIRAL . Viral marketing campaign is nothing but people talking and recommending your product to the people they know. The same old wine in a new bottle.

animated viral video maker

So, if you are ready to release your product to the world, then it’s time you call your marketers and tell them that you want your product to go VIRAL!

Now the biggest question pops up: What’s the correct way to go viral? And what is the weapon you have in your hand? Social Media? Digital Marketing? Blah..blah…blah? All these are modern tools of marketing. But remember these golden words: How much ever these buzz words take up the space, the definition of marketing has not changed with them: give the right message to the right messengers in the right environment. This will have the effect called ‘word of mouth’.

Viral marketing or viral advertising is a marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networks to produce and increase brand awareness. The marketers should produce such contents that trigger interest in individuals with good social networking presence to spread your communicative content with others in a short period of time. This means, your content has to be strong and interesting. Here comes the role of a video. Viral marketing often take the form of video clips. Because videos are something that has ample entertaining elements embedded in it. And if you are successful in creating a nice message out of it then it, is bound to be passed on to others.

viral video making companies

So, what type of video you can have? Any information on the face of earth, if given a face of art & entertainment, is bound to get liked and shared. The most successful viral videos contain humorous content and include comedy sketches and funky animations.

A viral video has the capability to make rounds and become popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. The behaviors behind viral videos, is nothing but the idea and news spread between individuals through dialogue - Word of mouth. Only the talking medium has changed and viral video is the modern form of word of mouth.

By: Team an-e-motion

The Need of a Landing Page Video

Doing your website? Or launching some prodigy product soon? So, what all do you have in your list: A great design for your site.  Good content. Kick ass video.

Of late, videos have started becoming a part of the websites. You know, ‘The Home Page Video’ which explains your product and services just in a matter of minute.

Well, so before you make one for your product or site, have you asked yourself— do you really need one? And if so, what message the video is going to give? What purpose is it going to solve?

It could be so that you just need it for the sake of doing it because everybody else is doing it. Then we suggest NOT to do it at all!! Because these product videos or explanatory videos serve a purpose and can really bring you results if you can create it beautifully and channelize it tactfully. So, if you are doing it for no good reason, then your video just lies idle and later you keep asking yourself ‘do you really need one???’

Hmmm… so before you plan a home page video for your website, do these question answer session. Take a call with your marketers and sales guys, discuss with them, know their social media and market strategies, etc, etc. You will know their difficulties and then you will understand what message the website home page video is going to give! You will know what purpose the videos are going to solve and accordingly tell your creative agency to write a story and do the video on those lines.

If you do these short rounds with your team or even with yourself, your video does not get lost. It tells exactly what it wants to say and a video on your home page makes so much more sense!

Here is a short video from team an-e-motion! Hope you enjoy!!

Explainer Video for Website Homepage

By: Team an-e-motion