How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost

Video has become a mandatory need for any company who is launching their product or services. We generally call these videos ‘explainer videos’. Explainer videos play on home pages or landing pages where the product or service gets explained within a few seconds timeline.


Explainer videos are a very refreshing addition to a simple landing page. It is short, crisp, smart and cool. It is a great marketing tool. It takes way less time to explain your product. It explains your product interestingly, engages your customer, so on and so forth. The good points are endless! But the not-so-good point, is its pricing part!


Explainer videos were rather costly at one point of time. In fact, the good ones are still a real pricey affair. But with upward trend for the need of an explainer video, especially from varied budgeted companies, the pricing system changed drastically over the years. Now you can get an explainer video below $ 300 or below Rs. 18,000.


Explainer video cost depends on certain factors. The look and feel plays the most important part. If you choose a simplistic style with basic human icons and text and keep the animations to minimalistic and set the lowest time to 30 seconds, then you can have an animated explainer video priced at $300 or INR 18,000.


Getting an explainer video is not that costly now. But remember, explainer video is a creative film for your product. It is the first impression that one is going to get through it. So, make a mark. Avoid getting it done through free software tools, it screws up your product’s presentation. Tell a proper story. Make it look neat and creative at the same time and yes you are ready to go within your budget!

By: Team an-e-motion

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