The Need of a Landing Page Video

Doing your website? Or launching some prodigy product soon? So, what all do you have in your list: A great design for your site.  Good content. Kick ass video.

Of late, videos have started becoming a part of the websites. You know, ‘The Home Page Video’ which explains your product and services just in a matter of minute.

Well, so before you make one for your product or site, have you asked yourself— do you really need one? And if so, what message the video is going to give? What purpose is it going to solve?

It could be so that you just need it for the sake of doing it because everybody else is doing it. Then we suggest NOT to do it at all!! Because these product videos or explanatory videos serve a purpose and can really bring you results if you can create it beautifully and channelize it tactfully. So, if you are doing it for no good reason, then your video just lies idle and later you keep asking yourself ‘do you really need one???’

Hmmm… so before you plan a home page video for your website, do these question answer session. Take a call with your marketers and sales guys, discuss with them, know their social media and market strategies, etc, etc. You will know their difficulties and then you will understand what message the website home page video is going to give! You will know what purpose the videos are going to solve and accordingly tell your creative agency to write a story and do the video on those lines.

If you do these short rounds with your team or even with yourself, your video does not get lost. It tells exactly what it wants to say and a video on your home page makes so much more sense!

Here is a short video from team an-e-motion! Hope you enjoy!!

Explainer Video for Website Homepage

By: Team an-e-motion

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