How to Make Your Product Marketing Go Viral?

The world has not changed at all! And the world has changed a lot! These words hold true for marketers of our times. Marketing strategies have undergone random changes over the years. The audiences have changed. The communication mediums have changed and most importantly, the products have changed.

And what has not changed? The fact called ‘word of mouth’-the single largest boosting factor and the most successful marketing strategies of all times. And, do you know what is the modern term we use for ‘word of mouth’? It is called VIRAL . Viral marketing campaign is nothing but people talking and recommending your product to the people they know. The same old wine in a new bottle.

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So, if you are ready to release your product to the world, then it’s time you call your marketers and tell them that you want your product to go VIRAL!

Now the biggest question pops up: What’s the correct way to go viral? And what is the weapon you have in your hand? Social Media? Digital Marketing? Blah..blah…blah? All these are modern tools of marketing. But remember these golden words: How much ever these buzz words take up the space, the definition of marketing has not changed with them: give the right message to the right messengers in the right environment. This will have the effect called ‘word of mouth’.

Viral marketing or viral advertising is a marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networks to produce and increase brand awareness. The marketers should produce such contents that trigger interest in individuals with good social networking presence to spread your communicative content with others in a short period of time. This means, your content has to be strong and interesting. Here comes the role of a video. Viral marketing often take the form of video clips. Because videos are something that has ample entertaining elements embedded in it. And if you are successful in creating a nice message out of it then it, is bound to be passed on to others.

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So, what type of video you can have? Any information on the face of earth, if given a face of art & entertainment, is bound to get liked and shared. The most successful viral videos contain humorous content and include comedy sketches and funky animations.

A viral video has the capability to make rounds and become popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. The behaviors behind viral videos, is nothing but the idea and news spread between individuals through dialogue - Word of mouth. Only the talking medium has changed and viral video is the modern form of word of mouth.

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